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North Oaks OBGYN has partnered with GenPath Women’s Health Laboratory. As the Premier Women’s Health Laboratory, GenPath is dedicated to promoting women’s health throughout every stage of a woman’s life. Discover more about which of our testing services are relevant for you now…. and in the future.
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Routine Care and Health Tests for Women

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Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening
ClariTest™, a non-invasive prenatal screen, can be an important step in building your family and can provide you with valuable information and peace of mind as you plan for your future. ClariTest™ is a simple blood test that screens for the most common chromosome abnormalities caused by extra or missing genetic information in the baby’s DNA including Down syndrome, trisomy 18, trisomy 13, monosomy X, and certain microdeletions.

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Carrier Screening
As you plan your pregnancy, there are many factors to consider, including genetic testing. Genetic disorders can vary from mild to severe. With the rapid advances in genetic technology, genetic testing has become a significant component to discuss when planning your pregnancy. InheriGen screening can be an important step in building your family, and can provide you with valuable information and peace of mind as you plan for your future.

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Maternal Serum Screening
Any pregnancy can be at risk for birth defects including those that are not inherited from a child’s parents.  Conditions like Down syndrome, Open Neural Tube Defects (ONTD), and Trisomy 18  can affect any pregnancy, but a number of tests exist that can help determine the risk of one of these defects affecting a pregnancy.

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Amniocentesis is a second trimester procedure where a doctor obtains a sample of the amniotic fluid that surrounds a developing fetus for laboratory testing. The sample can be used to diagnose chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome and Trisomy 18 as well as open neural tube defects. Amniocentesis is an invasive procedure, and there is a small risk of miscarriage (less than 1 in 200) associated with it.
Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer follows an orderly progression from pre-cancerous to invasive cancer that can take 10-20 years. Depending upon your diagnosis, cervical cancer may be treated with surgery (early detection), radiation therapy (after surgery when there is a high risk of relapse) or chemotherapy (when the cancer has spread to other parts of the body).

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HPV Infection
Virtually all cervical cancer is caused by specific types of HPV. Anyone who is, or has been, sexually active can get an HPV infection. Although there are over 100 types of HPV, about 30 types can infect the genital area. In most cases, the HPV infection is harmless, has no symptoms and will disappear on its own within three to fifteen months.

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Sexual Health
GenPap is more than just a test, it’s a revolutionary approach in the detection and diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and other vaginal infections.  With one collection and multiple detections, the test will simplify your visit as well as give you and your doctor the answers that will ensure your proper care and prepare you for the next step in your life.

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Hereditary Cancer
Through GenPath’s collaboration with its sister division GeneDx, a world renown genetics laboratory, we can now offer Hereditary Cancer testing. Through our state-of-the art Hereditary Cancer Testing Program, we can offer comprehensive genetic testing, outstanding service, as well as in-depth patient support.

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Browse a comprehensive directory of tests from the GenPath database for more information such as methods and turnaround time.

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